Thursday, May 28, 2009


Forgive the long delay--and even more so please forgive any worry or concern I've caused anyone with my lengthy absence from the blog. I am fine. More importantly, I am finally home.

Not much to report from home, though, and certainly less fodder for humorous, wacky postings*, but I am home. Which feels good.

I've still got another month of IV Daptomycin (antibiotics), which I'm now administering to myself once a day, through the PICC line. And unfortunately it's making me tired and sluggish, and my red blood cell count is way down, but that's a tiny price to pay to be out of the hospital.

At some point I may have to post about my final night in the hospital: after the pacemaker-implantation surgery, I was in significant pain. (My past three pacemakers have been just below my clavicle; this one was inserted submuscularly, in the deltopectoral groove. Apparently this is a more difficult recovery.) I requested more Vicodin, but my nurse told me it was too soon....So she gave me Dilaudid. Check out the side effects here

Suffice it to say, I immediately started sweating, became incredibly paranoid and agitated with my mother, and vomited repeatedly. Thank you, Nurse, for sending me off with a long, crazy trip. Next time, please just give me some mushrooms.

All right, that's it for now. I will post medical updates as warranted. Cheers.

*Unless you count my cats' daily shenanigans as humorous, wacky fodder. In which case, enjoy Bruce Wayne trying to walk across the clothes hanging in my closet.

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